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Most large beer businesses constantly claim they offer "ice and cold beer". This marketing technique created this wrong perception that beer should be as cold as possible.

These companies market their beer cold because the temperature masks the subpar flavour. When you drink a beer with quality, serving it too cold will mask the finer notes and flavour. To enjoy craft beers properly, you should serve your beer between 4 and 13 degrees. The specific temperature varies depending on the beer. For example:

1. Light lagers or low ABV beverages, serving temperature must be no warmer than 4 degrees.

2. German Weißbier, Belgian Wits, Pilsners, the best serving temperature should be 4-7 degrees.

3. IPA, APA, and Fruit Beer sit in the middle between 7 and 12 degrees.

4. Stouts, Porters, Brown Ales, these should be served colder than room temperature but warmer than something you pull out of a cooler at a picnic. Ideal serving temperature is around 10-13 degrees.


一直以來,幾乎所有大型啤酒品牌都聲稱他們提供的啤酒,以冰凍為口號。 而這種營銷手法可能造就了這種錯誤的觀念,即是好喝的啤酒,一定要夠冰凍才算好喝。




具體溫度因啤酒種類而異。 例如:

1. Lager或低ABV酒精飲品,溫度應不超過4度。

2. 徳國白麥啤,比利時小麥啤,Pilsners等,亦不應超過7度。

3. 而IPA, APA及水果味啤酒,最佳享用之温度應在位於7至12度之間的位置。

4. 最後,Stouts, Porters及Brown Ales, 最佳温度應比室溫冰凍,但比野餐時從冷藏箱中取出的東西要熱。 最理想的飲用溫度應約為10-13度左右。

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