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Baird Brewery is situated on the banks of the pristine Kano River in the idyllic Shuzenji area of Izu City,  Japan. 
By brewing and farming, highlighting the intricate connection that exists between land and beer.
Baird Beer believe that minimal processing is the key to maximum character.  Examples of the minimal processing approach includes :
  • The exclusive use of whole flower hops
  • No filtration
  • Use of secondary fermentation in package to produce beer that is naturally carbonated and which remains alive & evolving right up to the point of consumer enjoyment.
The Six Fundamentals 

Six fundamental elements form the core of Baird Beer.

These elements are intricately intertwined, like the strands of a rope. This interweaving of multiple elements gives the core, like rope, strength.

The elements are:

  • Philosophy (哲学)

  • Fidelity (忠誠)

  • Authenticity (誠実さ)

  • Inspiration (刺激)

  • Happiness (幸福)

  • Japan (日本)

To find out more about Baird Beer, please visit at : (English / Japanese).

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